Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Road Trip!!

I spent the night at Sarah's hermitage (thank you so much you sweet, sweet woman! What a friend) after leaving the ArtFarm. I was exhausted, and completely slept through her allergy attack, moving the bed by herself across the room, and her attempts at moving me over to one side of the bed (I'm a bed hog I now find out). Hahah Sorry 'bout that! The poor lady didn't sleep a wink, and I was out like a light.

Next day comes and we head off to the beach for a short meander mid morning. By 11am I'm at my parents house figuring out my next move, checking on FB and find out Tom, who is still living at ArtFarm, is looking for a ride to SF instead of spending $300 on trains and buses. While we try and figure out the logistics of this impromptu road trip, he is trying to calm Madeline down over at ArtFarm who is having a complete melt down... Madeline is upset that Tom isn't gone like he said he was going to be since before we talked he was planning on taking a train, but with me driving him we had a bit more time to plan and pack. She's upset that he lied to her and is telling him to get back to work because he's still at the farm, and not actually gone. But he is frantically trying to get me to give him a ride via FB chat. She's also pissed that he has internet and her internet isn't working. Thus Tom is the devil and probably need to be kicked out. hahah no, just kidding.

Then, Annika brought up to Madeline that the food she was serving us for breakfast and lunch was between 1 year and 5 years expired! Madeline says that when her son started asking questions like that, she told him that he needed to move out. What? Is this not completely backwards?? Anyway, she and Annika go back and forth with their points for quite some itme, until Madeline says Annika should get out of ArtFarm. This obviously makes Annika very upset, as she is being kicked out for being served extremely expired food at what is supposed to be an organic farm. Tommi stays and comforts Annika while Tom tries to diffuse the situation, and I come to pick him up just about at the time she is sufficiently calm. He is beyond grateful to get out and be free of this black hole of drama, as I think anyone would be!

We then pick up Sarah and head off in the direction of SF! We drive for a few hours until we need to stretch our legs and take a look at elephant seals doin it.
Elephan Seal ViewingIMG_0040
Elephan Seal Viewing
We head back out onto highway 1 and reach Ragged Point...more on that later.

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