Thursday, September 8, 2011

Operation ASAP

Madeline's cat has an awful gaping wound and smells like death. She's really sweet and wants attention, but Madeline says we can't allow her in the house...that is just so sad. That poor kitty is slowly dying, and Madeline won't put it out of its misery.
Cat Wound Tom had a stuffy nose and couldn't smell her rotting away, so lucky for him. And Bel just loved her so much she would cuddle her--somehow she could ignore the stench.
Usual evening at the house
I'll be sad to see Kate and Dave go, they are really fun. Kate is working on a beautiful nautical scene in embroidery as a thank you to a friend who had them over to stay upon arriving to the US. They will be heading to Gaviota to a large farm there where they will learn about biodynamics, permaculture and garden design. It sounds lovely! In the evenings, we usually watch old movies like Indiana Jones and Ghostbusters while the girls usually craft. I made some earrings, Kate worked on her embroidery, and Bel painted a scene in my art journal. What fun!
Kate working on her embroidery
Usual evening
Dave could usually be seen updating his blog here.

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