Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Emergency Room Visit

Max, Tom and Tommi were working on cutting wood for the outhouse they're building when something made Tommi's skillsaw jerk and almost slice his big toe off! While I was planting basil with Kate who arrived with Dave (the couple from Scotland) I got a call on my cell from Max who let told me he was at the ER room Tommi and told me the story of what happened. I brought Tommi his wallet he had forgotten in the rush to get to the hospital which had his insurance card and all that. Here they are at the Goleta Valley Emergency Room:
We found out Tommi's toe was fine, and the saw had just cut open his flesh but not touched any bone or anything. YAY! Unfortunately, he did have to fork over $500 for a simple cleaning of the the wound and a bandage. In the evening, he was even doing some P90x workout stints with Max, lol. Very silly...
We're having a lot of fun here!

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