Monday, September 12, 2011

Okay, Madeline scares me. I left the farm the morning after she was accusing the WWOOFers of stealing her cat and threatening to kick people out who didn't clean up the house to her (undisclosed) expectations. I saw her in the morning and she was already was grumpy and unhappy about something, so I just packed up my things before work and flew away. HA!

I went to put my feet in the ocean and tried to figure out what I was going to do until the 15th, when I could go to the next farm. It was the most beautiful morning!

Later, I met up with current WWOOFers and ex-WWOOFers and we had a BBQ at Goleta Beach. The sunset was beautiful. Oh my god <3<3
Goleta Beach BBQ
Lots of fun!
King of the World!
Alex and Kathrina from France make such a beautiful couple :)
Aww love

Later we got tipsy at the Mercury Lounge in Old Town Goleta haha
Party at the Merc


  1. I hope all wwoofing experiences aren't like that. I was kind of interested in trying it out, but that lady sounds quite scary.

  2. No, no I talked with other WWOOFers who had gone to other farms before...Madeline is one of a kind. haha But it was so worth it! Besides all the drama and frayed nerves, I met so many wonderful people, enjoyed working in the garden/watering/turning compost/planting newbies etc, and had many great experiences. I definitely suggest it - yes, you may get a crazy farm lady or two along the way, but you learn and experience SO many more amazing things that it is totally worth it.