Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beach Day

We worked on the farm for a bit this morning. Kate and I weeded the vegetable garden, while Bel fed the sheep and chickens near the house. Tommi and Max thumped German techno music and worked on this glass bottle igloo project and Tom plugged on with the outhouse construction. We BBQed burgers, and had pasta and potato salad. After a rest and some relaxation, we headed out to the beach to play some frisbee. If you know me--- you know I'm not sporty at ALL :( It's kind of funny actually... Trying to catch a frisbee lol
The beach
It was a beautiful day today. Wow. While at the beach, I ran into an old friend of mine, Margy, who I haven't seen for probably ten or so years! She, her husband and her inlaws were visiting her hometown all the way from NYC before she heads off to India to do some Mormon missionary work. WOW! What a coincidence. It was so lovely to see her, she hadn't changed a bit. Sweet and kind as ever <3

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