Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mano Farm

Oh wow....this is a real farm. Beautiful. It's in Meiners Oaks, near Ojai.

Mano Farm

Quin and Justin run the farm, have a 20 person CSA business and are starting up a seed saving business too! It's all All Good Things. They are so knowledgeable, it's almost intimidating. Luckily they are so kind and eager to share their wisdom, it doesn't feel awkward to ask a million questions.

Evening Picking at Mano Farm

We eat SO WELL here!! Quin and Justin are great cooks - always using fresh things from their farm. There's an outdoor kitchen I will have to post pictures of soon, it's a dream. The entrance to their living space and communal area always takes my breath away.

Communal Space at Mano Farm

Georgie is another WWOOFer working on the farm. She is from London, has a dream to start a business with her best friend who is a wonderful cook (she would grow the food her friend would prepare), and we immediately became buddies (the only girls on the farm gotta stick together, ya know? haha). In the middle of the day we usually get a decent sized break, and this is when Georgie and I go to Meiner's Oaks and Ojai to find internet and coffee.

Georgie at the coffee shop

Sadly, Georgie leaves soon for her next farm and to visit her family friends in Oakland. I'll really miss her! After we pick for the CSA shares, I will drive her to Santa Barbara where she will be staying the night at Hotel Santa Barbara in downtown. She gets the bus the next morning, but possibly coming back to Mano (depending on how she likes the next farm).

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