Monday, September 19, 2011

Road Trip to SF!

So we reach Ragged Point and get out of the car to explore the area and stretch our legs. Sarah asks a stranger to take our picture, who happens to be the guitarist for Smash Mouth (haha!). Tom gets weak in the knees and gets loads of pictures taken with both Mike and Dusty. Sarah's pants break and she runs off in a panic. She disappears into the blackhole (aka the ladies room) for a good 20 minutes. They invite us back to see the view from their room, and also offer free tickets to their private concert happening the following night. Because we were on our way north, and had a long way still to go, we declined. Anyway, Ragged Point was beautiful... Ragged Point

Smashmouth and Tom lol
Tom and Smashmouth

On the way through Big Sur we saw a free concert at the Henry Miller Memorial Library - SO COOL! We were still on our way to SF so we only stayed for a little while. Sarah and I dropped Tom off in Redwood City, and then headed to my sister's place in the Mission. We arrived around 1am, and talked until we passed out... It was so great seeing my sister! Next day we went on a walk with the dog, ran some errands, and had the most scrumptious vegan mexican lunch. Too bad I didn't get a picture of it :(

Mano Farm will be coming up soon! I'm excited to find out what this new farm will be like....another Madeline situation?? EEEK!


  1. What an adventure! That's so funny that you would run into Smashmouth.