Friday, September 9, 2011

The Drama Mama

Madeline is crazy! Out of the blue she kicked out Bel and Max! She blamed Max for a gate being left unlocked, which neither Bel or Max had, and then yelled at Bel for over feeding the animals (but she was just feeding them like she was taught from Madeline when she arrived!). They asked for a grace period so that they could have a little time to find another place, but she refused and made them both leave immediately, stating there were "lots of reasons" she didn't want them here. But not one reason did she give them besides the gate (mute point) and overfeeding the animals. Is that really any kind of basis to be kicked out? Here's my last picture of Bel (with Tom) as we get ready to head down to the gate and squeak for Madeline. But we'll have a BBQ at the beach soon with Max and Bel and all the new wwoofers :) What fun!
Waiting to start our day
Kate and Dave left for their next farm :( As they were leaving, and hitching a ride with Bel and Max, Madeline yelled at Dave calling him a liar! She didn't believe they were catching a ride with them, and then told them to go around the outside of the house to get out--and would not allow them to walk through the house to get out through the front door. What?! Kate asked her to act like an adult and not call people names, then she walked out. Smart move.
Btw, this was all happening when the next set of wwoofers were arriving from France! Hahahha what craziness. They sure were surprised at all the yelling, and bad behavior. I explained everything to them as best as I could. Later everyone went out for dinner with Bel and Max and had a great time. After work the next day, we had lunch and i grabbed a picture. Another two wwoofers arrived too! Liza (from Nor Cal, a vet student studying at UCD funnily enough!) and Anie from Germany (which made Tommi happy to be able to speak so much without confusion).
Our lunch spot was right by our house, under a tree. So sublime! Lunch at Art Farm 1
I'm thinking this place is a bit dramatic for me....I don't know what Madeline will choose to hate me for and quickly kick me out with out warning. I've contacted a couple farms nearby so hopefully I will hear back from them sooner than later. I'm worried my time is up!

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