Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hey guys! Good morning! The sun is out and I just got my morning completely freed up!

I have a question for you. Because I have a hard time staying consistent with posting, I want to do one of those easy weekly posts prompts. Like "Bench Monday," but would love some more ideas. What is if did Flower Friday? or didn't I see one called Dog Love Tuesday? Ooh or maybe I can start a Granny Wednesday (as in crocheted granny squares hehe)?

What have you seen around the blog/flicker-o-sphere?

I'll leave you with a perfect pizza picture, vegan of course!

Vegan Pizza

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever (or so it seems)

I was prompted to take as many strawberries as I wanted from the farm's cooler, and I sure did! I made lots of strawberry jam, preserves, and dessert :) heehee

Strawberry Jam!

Strawberry Jam!
Mmm...Fresh strawberries and vegan coconut milk ice cream. Fuckin' heaven!
Strawberries and coconut milk ice cream

I'd love to do a swap of some artwork for jam. or maybe just have a tea party with homemade bread made into toast with jam. lovely!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Boat Trip

Yesterday I was just too exhausted to post all about my day, but this morning I've got a moment to share with you.
I got up at 5am yesterday morning (which I know isn't that early for some of you *cough* Annie) to get down to Ventura on time to board a boat set for Anacapa Island.
I was going with a Work Leader Training group organized by Channel Islands Restoration, to learn how to lead groups of volunteers on this island to work. After several forms were filled out, and a short presentation was finished,
we were off!

Boat on the way to Anacapa Island
Here's looking back at Ventura.
Ventura, CA from the boat to Anacapa Island
Santa Barbara County

And here's where we were headed!
Anacapa Island
Anacapa Island up closer

The weather was beautiful, with Santa Ana (warm) winds blowing on us. I got a little wet on the way over because of choppy water. The sea was too choppy to actually get OFF the boat, but the experience was all the same WONDERFUL! I've gone out to the Channel Islands about 1-3 times and this trip just reminded me how much I really enjoy being out on the ocean. I need to do this more often!

On the way home, I drove through downtown Ventura (which is beautiful btw!) and then Summerland.
Such a fun day!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I've found a new way to be artistic! I love setting up the stand with all the vegetables at my new job! Here's a picture of my first design. I'll only be opening the shop on Saturdays (closing every other day except Monday), but I will be taking pictures of my progress as I learn the art of displaying vegetables. Lol it sounds kind of silly, but it is SO FUN! There are so many colors, directions in which the food has grown and the textures--oh the textures < 3 I even enjoy the surprise of slugs and gently plopping them into the compost to grub down on without interference. It's true organic produce, baby!
New Job!

My mom and I went to our favorite garden shop on Saturday and with some of my money made from house sitting (and pet sitting a sweet little dog named Coby) bought a few baby plants. I have mine by my bed, cleaning the air and giving my eyes a pretty place to rest.
New plants New Plants
Isn't that green yummy?

I hate to be such a Negative Nancy, but I am so sick of hearing about eggs and lamb! I'm not used to so much blatant non-vegeness around every corner. My family's tradition on Easter has a soft place in my heart, although we didn't do anything remotely Easter-ish this year. It was dreadfully gloomy all day, and now just started sprinkling. In the past, a few close families would meet up with mine and go for a nice spring hike. A few of the parents would speed up a head and drop chocolate eggs for all of us kiddos (about 6 girls depending on the year and who was able to make it). For several years I really believed the bunny had magically known we were coming on this exact hike and left the delicious chocolates for us. Later I figured it out (and I'm glad I did, for if I hadn't, I'd have something else entirely to deal with), and then was lucky enough to get to be the dropper! I loved munching on those milk chocolaty eggs (more than I should have, I suppose) and leaving behind a trail of colorful tinfoil wrapped treats for a few younger kids. I'm thankful that my parents didn't make it into a day full of heavy religious sermons or lavish presents (or live chicks!), and just sweetened up one of our hikes. Happy Easter (or Zombie-Jesus Day as some people call it) to everyone :)

I can't leave it on that note, so I will share a picture of my latest fruit smoothie.
Fresh Berries and Yogurt
It was strawberries (yup, straight from my farm), bananas, and berries with almond milk blended all together and then topped with soy yogurt and coconut milk keifer and a strawberry. I got a sour grass flower to pose too, oh lucky meeee!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I got a job! I'll be paid now for doing what I used to volunteer to do! I'll be opening and closing up the vegetable stand at Fairview Gardens. Here, take a look! Melissa (my boss) said she really liked my displays and organization :) yayayayay

Also, I am going to be going to Anacapa island next Wednesday to work on restoring native plants and helping guide adults on the island. I'm so excited!

Soon my sister will be visiting too! Oh what a wonderful April already :)