Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hey guys! Good morning! The sun is out and I just got my morning completely freed up!

I have a question for you. Because I have a hard time staying consistent with posting, I want to do one of those easy weekly posts prompts. Like "Bench Monday," but would love some more ideas. What is if did Flower Friday? or didn't I see one called Dog Love Tuesday? Ooh or maybe I can start a Granny Wednesday (as in crocheted granny squares hehe)?

What have you seen around the blog/flicker-o-sphere?

I'll leave you with a perfect pizza picture, vegan of course!

Vegan Pizza


  1. Maybe "Vegan Food/Feast Friday"? You could post some yummy vegan dish you made over the week, or a cool vegan recipe? Gala Darling does "Things I Love Thursday" and lists some things she's lovin' that week. Links, or photos included is fun too.

  2. Ooh i like that Gala Darling one... maybe some inspiring photos that i've found too. I think this blog is very FOOD based already, haha!