Monday, May 3, 2010

A great weekend! I went to the 8th California Student Sustainability Coalition Spring 2010 Convergence down in San Diego this weekend and had a good time. I learned a lot, was inspired and met too many intelligent, hopeful and energetic students to mention. It's going to be a revolution! I'm excited :)

Before I left with my carpool from SLO, I went to a pizza (there's been a lot of this lately hasn't there?) night with a friend, and met a like 10 great new people! Here's our vegan pizza getting the slice:

Allan showing us how it's done

My dad and I went to a greenhouse sale and I had to take a picture of all the green. I absolutely love green houses...aahhh i want one!

Seedlings at the Greenhouse

Afterward, we went to this pretty stream!

San Marcos stream

Next post....Seasoned Salt!

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