Friday, May 21, 2010

Time has legs?

It seems as if Time just rain away from me! I can't believe we're almost done with May already! Is everyone thinking of what they're going to do for their pops for Father's Day? I'm still thinking...

We pulled up some yummy cabbage and strawberries from the garden.
Fresh Cabbage and Strawberries!

And the garden is looking lovely these days. We have a little rain a few days ago which was unexpected. Don't you love that fresh, cleaner look everything has afterwards?
garden in the evening

Last week I saw a boy running away from the Juvenile Hall on Hollister and it brought me back to working at the group home just from a new perspective. The boys would run off campus any second they got, and we'd have to go chase them or call the cops, call their parents to notfiy them, restrain them, ground them, process with them, coach staff on the incident or any number of tactics...and here I was NOT HAVING TO! It was great hahaha i felt bad for the staff at JH, but oh did it feel great not experiencing that panic that was so abnormally routine for us at work.

I've been working on making new price cards for Fairview Gardens (with terrible luck, I may add) and I fiddled around with making new stamps. Non of which are going to be used haha. Still they are fun to make, don't you think?

Handcarved Stamp

Aww, Guinness and I went to the beach and I gave her free photo shoot. I think that was very generous of me, but she wasn't very interested in anything except the ball. haha

Doggie love pink tongue

Doggie love two

Tomorrow I go to my canning class! I'm excited for jam and pickles!


  1. I think your stamps are killer! Why aren't you going to use them?
    p.s. what happened to mosaic wednesdays??

  2. hehe shhh about mosaic wednesdays, i kinda got crazy busy and had to skip last week. I'll do better this week! and I'm not using the stamps because we found the originals for the tags, so then I could just phtocopy them and be set!