Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gaviota Peak

A few friends and I went on a hike last week and I took this video:
Awesome view, right?! Here's a still picture, incase your computer doesn't like loading the video, like mine.
Gaviota Peak Hike
Within the first 100 yards of the hike, we found (I actually almost stepped on) a dead baby rattle snake and a bat! The snake was broken. So sad. (sorry about the funky angle, I don't know what happened there haha)
Baby Rattler

The bat story was really funny. We saw it on the ground, and thought it was dead, but once we saw it moving slightly, we realized we had to get it out of the path (and hot, bright sun) asap! While Buff and I walked back to take pictures of the snake, we heard Jeremy and Andy laughing really hard so we hurried back to find that the bat was FINE! lol As they were placing the stick it was lying on down in a shady spot the thing totally flew at Jeremy's face! hahahaha maybe it just needed to get out of the sun for a moment to get its senses back. I don't know, but yeah it was a pretty wild start to the hike!

Kittens have arrived on the adoption floor at ASAP, and there were, of course, tons of traffic at the shelter today. Another surprise was this morning when a young new arrival squeezed out 4 babies while a volunteer was cleaning nearby cages! God were they adorable...I want to foster kittens again!!! Too bad I don't have the room, money or the 'okay' for it, this time around. Next season! heeehee

PS. are my pictures too big? Do they bog down your computer?

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