Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I've chosen to do Mosaics on Wednesdays every week, so please--hold me to it! I've never done these weekly themed posts, but I'm excited to try it out. The first one here, is from my favorites on flickr - sunshine through windows being the more specific theme. I love all these places, don't you just want to go in there and create something, or read a good book or pot a new plant?

Mosaic Wednesday Sunshine through Windows

And onto the promised salt :) So so so delicious, everyone must make it! So I started with picking lavender from out front, then gather all the remaining ingredients together:


Seasonings for Salt

And put them all into the processor with some salt to help chop up the herbs:

Chopping the Seasoned salt up with the herbs

Lastly, save some out to put in an easy dispenser, and seal the rest up in a safe container and store in the pantry. Voila! Easy, delicious, fresh and organic seasoned salt!

Ready for dippin!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE those flickr pics. I'm thankful I have the day off tomorrow and can enjoy the sunshine that comes through my windows. :D
    I hope I can have some of that salt next time I visit.