Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2:45am post

I just had to post before I went to bed, as it is WAY past my bedtime. I'm just so excited right now! I've been looking up Wwoof.nz.co for the past three hours. I've joined it on FB and think it's my ticket to NZ--with a purpose and career experience!

This book is amazing! the motifs are beautiful and in universal instructions (diagram) AND words. This is veerrrrry helpful. I also craftied up my life notebook. I stick everything in here. I write down random songs that I hear and love, paste in postcards and business cards, add in relevant newspaper clippings, write lists, etc as a recording of my time here at these crossroads.

my current work

And I've decided to do mosaic post once a week. Now just to decide which day.

I made delicious kale chips! If anyone wants the easy (almost silly) recipe for the most wonderful, crunchy, tangy lemon kale chips, let me know. I'm craving some right now as i look at this picture haha

Winterbor Kale

Look at this strange spike that has erupted from our plant out front. Isn't it amazing?? I'm not sure what it's going to do, but it is so striking I had to photo it. Plus, it grows faster than ANYTHING I have ever seen. It has grown at least 3.5 feet in 2 weeks. Just amazing.

Dinosaur Plant out front!

And the NEXT post, I promise will be of the salt hehe I just got too excited to skip this post tonight :) I hope all is well in your space tonight <3

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