Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Polyvore and Sprouts!

I have found out something new about myself: I actually like fashion! For a little background, my sister has been threatening me with putting me on the show "What Not To Wear" for years because I can't seem to put together anything pretty in my wardrobe to wear. I usually end up wearing some baggy jeans, a loose hoodie over a colorful top (which obviously no one can see), and all-stars. Always mismatched kneehigh socks (but my oh so fun and colorful little secret), maybe some dangly earrings, no makeup and more-often-than-not frizzy hair. This, to my sister the fashionista and highly spoken of stylist at Nordstrom, is a complete and utter horror! How could two sisters who get a long SO WELL be on completely different wavelengths??

Well, I just jumped onto hers...for a little while at least. She pointed me over to POLYVORE and holy shit. Blown away! I sat on my computer for over 2 hours, became completely overwhelmed with all the prints, cuts and choices, I couldn't decide on anything past 3 dresses and a pair of shoes! Lol The detail in this site is amazing. My sister is a member, and she posted several outfits using me for inspiration on her blog, hummingbirdgirls- so take a look, if you're interested in what she put together. Personally, I thought they were perfect for me! Really just wonderful. And here are my sets...they took me FAR too long to create for what the end result was, but it was just so much fun doing it!
Another thing I'm excited to share today is my sprout project! I first started with alfalfa seeds, and when they were ready for eating, I started with some broccoli seeds. Alfalfa seeds are super cheap (less than $1.50 an ounce) and alfalfa sprouts have some serious bang for their buck in terms of nutrition and volume. But oh man--broccoli is expensive! It was something like $18.99 an OUNCE. Not by the pound, but almost 19 dollaroos by the OUNCE. I think that is just crazy, but thankfully for my project, I only needed about 3 dollars worth so all was well.
Do you see the little sweet things growing? I loved waking up each morning (it took about 4-5 days to be complete) and seeing how large they became. It was seriously so fast, which was good, because they all got eaten in just as much time as it took them to grow!
Here I put them on an open face sandwich with mushrooms and baked tofu or something. I can't quite remember (I eat a lot of tofu haha). The mellon was so wonderful and fresh, too. OH yeah, and I just bought my first bottle of vegan kefir (or any kind of kefir for that matter). It was the coconut milk kind and oh man, it was lovely. It reminded me a lot of cows' milk, but my memory could be failing me because it has been so long since I've had a glass of it.
I also put the kefir and sprouts in my smoothies. The sprouts whip up to nothing, leaving their wonderful earthy flavor behind. Kind of vegetably. I also put flax seed in this smoothie, with hemp milk, frozen berries (raspberries, boysenberries, blueberries and strawberries) and a fresh banana. Look at the loverly color it all blended up to be, so preeetty.

I hope everyone is having a great week. I was feeling kind of bummy this evening (mostly PMS, mixed with some worry about what I am doing with my life in this moment), but then I came on to my blog and started to feel better. Jen left me a most uplifting comment on my last post which helped me take a step back. I saw all the cool and healthy things I have been doing, noticed the slight but positive changes in me, and realized it isn't a waste of time. This is 'me' time. I'm going to love it and and I'm going to love me. I will love you too!


  1. Your Polyvore sets are really fun and very "you" as well! Can't wait to see more. :D
    I love the sprout project. Is there anything special I need to make the alfalfa sprouts? I would love to grow those because I'm always buying them at the corner market. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to put them into a smoothie but they are perfect on sandwiches!!

  2. Oh, sprouts are so much fun to grow! I've been using this thing called "The Jar" which is essentially a mason jar with three different gauged mesh tops made of plastic. I see it at Lassen's all the time when I go shopping for my vegan goodies, I can check the price for you if you'd like. Lemme know, sis!