Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ahh, this internet is the bane of my existence! For some reason, my mac won't connect wirelessly to my dad's router so I am literally tied to his internet through the ethernet cord (all of about 3ft of leeway). On my laptop! I had a wonderfully lengthy and image heavy entry a couple days ago that was deleted because of this stinkin' network, to boot. This will be a quick update, because I can't stand to be in this dark room for another minute while the sun is shining and birds are chirping right outside on this lovely Thursday morning!

I blended up a fruity smoothie of berries, banana, flax seeds, soy milk and yogurt. Yumm

Berry and Flax Smoothie

Berry and Flax Smoothie

The job search is going well, I've had a couple callbacks and an interview. Things just aren't fitting well enough for me, and my high standards. I must work at something that I will feel good about and help me grow as a person and professional. Yesterday I applied to several "greenjobs" so wish me luck :)

Now, off to work on some more sewing and painting in the sunshine. What a beautiful day.

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