Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm back and feeling a lot better! I went to a potluck dinner with people from the farm and vegetable stand on Friday which was great. There were the farmers from the farm there, a couple people from the board, workers that go to the farmer's market, people like me who man the stand on the farm, etc. Great people! I made a pasta salad and everyone liked it. Oh, and the vegan lemon poppyseed muffins were a bit hit :)
Vegan lemon poppyseed muffins

The weather has been incredible lately. My dad and I have been working in the garden and look at what we pulled up!
Backyard Bounty cherry tomatoes
We roasted the potatoes, and had a large salad with all the lettuce with dinner. Next up, boiled beets or beet soup! Who can decide? And soon, we will have cherry tomatoes I hope. We planted this little baby in the raised bed so she can spread out and have lots and lots of little babies for us to eat. Doesn't that sound cruel? lol

Last weekend I volunteered at this beautiful open space, called Los Carneros, planting native plants and helping restore the landscape from animals, erosion and people. I thought I'd share a couple pictures because it was just such a perfect day and this is also where I usually go running. Aren't the flowers sweet?
Los Carneros
Los Carneros

I was house sitting this weekend for my parents and another family with a dog so I was pretty much constantly going back and forth between houses (neither pup had ever spent a night alone!). I made sure they each got lots of walks and lots of love :) I made fresh orange juice after a hike with both dogs on Sunday. I noticed how pretty the sun was coming through the leaves of the orange tree while I was picking the fruit so I decided to share that too.
Orange Tree
Fresh Orange Juice


  1. Wow, this all sounds just lovely. I'm so excited about the upcoming markets starting soon and all the fresh foods we'll be eating soon. Love this time of year!

  2. That orange juice looks epic! And the muffins in the first picture too.
    I really wish I had a garden here.

  3. Dani: me too! I love finding new-to-me vegetables and figuring out what to do with them.

    Anna: What is going on with your blog? I'm so confused! The post is your old house all decorated with new stuff (is it your friend who moved in?). Whaaa? Oh and, let me try to help you have an indoor garden!