Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Challenge

With Kara's lovely suggestion, I'm taking on a challenge! I've been changing a lot of things about myself and lifestyle lately, trying to pick myself out of the ditch by pushing and attempting a 'no excuses' mantra when motivation deserts me. I still have my ups and downs--like just this last week I went completely crazy. PMS took me over and I was practically warped into another dimension where I couldn't simply exist without shouting, or weeping out of frustration, losing my train of thought or finding something to dwell on and brood about. Just horrific. It sends chills up my spine thinking of how apoplectic I was over something so silly as being taken out to a movie while there was still sun shining. Don't worry, I apologized profusely once my period started and I was back to normal thinking. haha

But anyway! Back to the cool challenge! I'm going to complete something every day. It can be anything: a knitting project, a 30 minute run (that's pushin it, too! I never make myself go for that long *wimp*), a book, playing a long piano piece, a painting, cooking an entire meal, etc. I have a habit of starting things and just leaving them be until they are so dusty and dull I can't bare to look at them, so I just toss them. I can't tell you how many knitting projects I've started and dropped. Or books. It makes me feel very incomplete, unbalanced. Unravelled I guess.

Today I used the new goal to stimulate me into rearranging my room. Now I have a little craft table!! It's nothing like the ones I've had in the past--3ftx7.5ft table top, piled high with tools and supplies), but I am already in love with it. It's tiny, with limited surface space, made from two organizing shelves rotated to act as legs, and a plank of wood. And because it is not at a normal height, I sit on a chair with my meditation cushion to help me get in the right position. hahaha It took me much more than 3/4ths of the day (shame, shame on me), because I just couldn't decide on where to put things for the life of me! I have a huge bed and a rather large hutch in this room I'm staying in (there's no way in hell I could move either one) which led to some interested puzzles in my head for how to make it all work. I think it does. It's not streamlined or as gorgeous as many of those studios on flickr or in Somerset's WWW, but fuck. I can't live without working on some more crafty biz!

So lovelies (or lovely as it may be hehe), I hope YOU challenge yourself with something! Tomorrow I will post a picture of my new crafty table, but tonight the light is all gone (despite the spring forward on Saturday morning). Looooove to you!

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