Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hump Day

Good morning!
I don't usually eat much in the morning, just some coffee to get me up and going, but today was different--I got my blood drawn today for the first time in my life! You have to fast for 10 hours (not even coffee allowed), and I guess just knowing I couldn't eat made me hungry haha So I came home and made a bowl of granola and fruit. Don't you love the pink milk?

I feel so proud for doing the blood work even though it's really not that big of a deal. I was also surprised at how little it hurt--I thought the needle would be thick because I imagine blood is thick and hard to suck up. Not true! I also had to remind myself that I have a large tattoo on my back and was pricked for about 3 hours, so really? I was going to be nervous about 10 seconds? haha I'll get my results by next week, so hopefully I'll have good news to share then. I worry about my iron and calcium levels being a vegan and all. And what damage I've done to my liver with my awful bad habit.

But today is my three week milestone of being back in Southern California! I'm doing really well, I think. I ran with the dog up in the hills and had a great time in the tall grasses and flowers. All was perfect until some bully dog took the ball from Guinness and ran off with it :( It was so sad to watch her search for it the entire rest of our walk/run--about 30 minutes! Poor pup. I also started making marmalade, and went to a super funky (but radicool) asian market. We got about 8 heads of baby bok choy for less that $1.50! I'm excited for dinner tonight :)

I hope everyone is doing well on this week's "hump day."

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