Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I'm feeling down. I tried to create something today at my new craft table and I just wasn't feeling it. After starting a million things, I finally finished one piece of art (so I could count myself in for continuing with my challenge), but I don't even like it! FART!

So tomorrow I have my hopes set high. I will either finish my camera bag or sew some more underwear or make a piece of art I DO like. Wish me luck!


  1. It's a little known thing about creativity that you usually have to create bad art before you can create good art. It's like getting into a groove, first you have to go over the bumps on the edge but then you're THERE!!! So don't give up- could be your best piece yet is only one or three or five pieces away! :)

  2. Try not to let a little thing like that get you down. You could always "create" something else like a great meal or a Polyvore set to complete your challenge. I hope it wasn't my words that made you loose your muse. eek! I didn't make anything either. haha. But I did write a message to my swappers about cutting way down. I hope it helps! Breathe deep and have a drink for Ol' Saint Paddy.

  3. Thanks you guys, today was a little lighter. I didn't push myself all the way to frustration, I just moved onto something else as soon as whatever i was working on didn't have my complete attention. I came back to my little art piece a few times throughout the morning and it turned out alright! Knowing both you crafty ladies got my back feels wonderful :)

    And Jen, I totally agree with sometimes having to make something ugly before your creativity and muse really blooms. I definitely made some ugly today! lol Sometimes just doing the motions on scrap paper can help my mind get into the right gear.

    Annie, no no it wasn't you saying that you were about to quit swapping that made my muse take a fall in the mud. Congratulations on finally letting your pals know you are slowing down, you didn't leave anyone in tears did you? lol