Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good Morning!

Happy Saturday :)
Vegan Pancakes with Syrup!

For my Saturday (your Friday) I made pancakes for anyone in the house who was up by 8am (who ended up being just Katie, Dave and moi). I forgot how much I really really love pancakes. They were super light and fluffy, and sugary crunchy around the edges. Perfecto!

Katie and I have a date to visit Tahoe today. We'll get a map, only ride the small streets (no highways if at all possible), and drive in the direction of the lake, stopping along the way wherever our fancy takes us. We want to relive our road trip days! Woohoo! ...even for just a few hours. haha Pictures to follow!

Have a great Saturday :)


  1. Waiting, waiting, waiting....Where are those pictures?

  2. Sorry, having internet problems! I will post them asap when I have my own computer connected to the internet. Sorry, Jon!