Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lady Love!

Sorry for the absence - life just happened! I'm starting the blog back up, hopefully this time I'll be more loving and caring to it. No more neglecting, Miss Julia-Rose! ;) I am very inspired and hopeful currently, and I just have to share two great things!

1. I'm going to WWOOFing! I go to my first farm on September 1st, and I'll be there from somewhere between a week and 2 months (depending on many factors), then I'll move on to the next farm, and then the next, and the next! This first one is on an ARTfarm to boot!

I had a bit of epiphany (or life slapped me in the face, you choose) and suddenly things fell into place. I quit my job, didn't renew my lease on my house, sold most of my possessions, bought a used (but more reliable) car and now I'm going to do what I've been saying I want to do for years. Even if it's rash and considered odd or frivolous to some people, its not hurting anyone and I'll never know how happy it could make me unless I give it a full swing :) Living organically and learning about organic farming, permaculture, sustainability, homesteading, alternative living styles--it all sounds like heaven to me. AHH! While on this crazy adventure, I want to keep in contact with family and friends (and other WWOOFers I meet along my adventure!) so there will be a lot of farm posts :) Fair warning1! PS. If you're interested in it, talk to me! Or visit this website for the US:

2. The second thing is that in our front lawn in which we planted a vegetable, herb and flower garden, there has been a most delightful batch of additions - baby ladybugs! I planted about 10 mega huge sunflowers in the front of the garden (to buffer the view for neighbors, who are more of the perfectly mowed lawn types), and they all became disgustingly infected with aphids! BOOOO. So my plan was to go buy a bunch of ladybugs and hope they stayed long enough to rid me of the aphid-pests. But slowly I noticed more and more ladybugs flying to the leaves on their own, and then doin' it! Soon after that, I saw little yellow eggs on the undersides of the leaves, but I didn't put two and two together. Then, I saw some ladybugs actually laying the yellow eggs on the leaves... aha! Sex = Babies! I waited and waited for something to happen with the yellow eggs, but for a few days it seemed I was finding more batches of eggs on the leaves, but the ones that were there the day or two before were all kind of dried out and gone :( I thought something was eating the eggs and I got upset and worried -- by now these were my welcomed and appreciated friends. (This may be the point where I became unheathily attached to the fucking bugs. Really Julia? *rolls eyes* ANYWAY) I was wrong! They were hatching and eating their egg sacks! Oh happy days in my little heart <3

Ladybug Babies!

I've heard that it's the little things in life that make us happy. In this case, they are REALLY tiny!

Cheers to changes, dreams and goals taking shape, new life, and seizing the day!


  1. aaawwww JULIA!!!!! YOU ARE ALWAYS YOURSELF!!!!

  2. Thank you :) I think that's a positive thing! haha

  3. Great post. Look at all you've learned from an aphid infestation, too! - Jmoma

  4. It isn't rash or frivolous, it is wonderful! Good luck and I hope you have fun!!!

  5. I can't wait to see your WWOOFing posts!

  6. wow i miss you already and am so excited that you are going to writing in your blog!!

  7. I can't wait to see more posts from you! Can you share some pictures from the farm? And show me what you made on your first night. XOXO