Monday, January 17, 2011

A corner of my room, decorated finally!
Happy Dresser

I've been cooking A LOT lately. Last weekend I made myself a vegan brunch...which ended up lasting me three meals! There was a lot of yummy food :)
Vegan Brunch

Instead of meeting on Christmas Day (both my sister and I had to work) my family and I all got together a few days after in Santa Cruz. We rented a most lovely and cozy cottage where we all stayed. The last morning, we went to breakfast on the pier--a quick 5 min walk from our 'house!' These are my wonderful parents :)
Mom and Dad

Here's our halloween costumes for 2010! We spiced up our normal costumes and became pregnant. haha
Halloween 2010


  1. Finally an update!!
    More pictures of your room please.

  2. you like my little corner? Thank you--i'll post more soon :)