Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Room Pictures

Decorating my space is more fun than it used to be. I hadn't realized how many fun little trinkets and special items I had collected over the past few years. My Inspiration board is pretty bare right now, but slowly, things are being posted as they come by my way. Outside, the weather is dreary and dull, so I put up lots of flowers and butterflies to hopefully keep it lively and fun in my craft space. Who is excited for spring!? Who noticed the Michael's 40% off coupon on the board!? Awww yea, sweeeet!
Inspiration Board in the Works

I really need to get better lighting in here, damn. These pictures are coming out like crap! Ah piss, anyway, this is my little craft space in the corner. I need to find a new way to store my portfolio thing that I usually carry my paper in just broke and things are flying out whenever I move it. Grr.
Craft Table and Wall

One of my favorite dresses :) It doesn't look too hard to make actually. The fabric isn't stretchy or anything. I think i'll give it a try after I bust out sewing some more underwear and pillow cases. I still need to sew a pillowcase to use with my crocheted hexagons. Whenever I get around to THAT project, I'll post it. Don't hold your breath. haha
summer dress

If I get off work on time today I'm going to make a vegan broccoli quiche. The last one I made was so yummy! Tomorrow is my Friday (YAY!), so this weekend I have plans to make vegan cinnamon rolls, something with sun-dried tomatoes and garbanzo beans, and go to the farmer's market for brussels sprouts. Sounds do-able, yes?


  1. the lighting looks great to me....from faraway SB. Keep posting.

  2. Gorgeous colors!!! I want to see more.