Friday, June 11, 2010

To Do's

I love how To Do lists can make me feel so organized and inspired. Even if half the things on the list aren't all that fun, just having a sense of what the near future brings is wonderful (especially when I feel the beginnings of a freak-out coming on!). Here's on my list today...

Get up and run - CHECK
Care for indoor plants - CHECK
Make beet hummus
Make farm price cards
Tidy piles in my room
Clean house for at least 2 full hours

Crochet a granny hex for blanket
Work on ETSY site for $$
Create a paper garland for summer enjoyment

PS: My sister rocks and just won a styling contest at her work (she's in the visual department of Nordstrom) so she's going to HAWAII (YES YES YES) in August for a complete week with all expenses paid! She's going to be working in the new Nordstrom store (about a year old, so everything is clean and working) over there for a few days and then have time off to do whatever, like scuba diving, or hiking or whatever! It's so wonderful to see her get recognized for the awesome things she puts together :)

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